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Jerusalem, Israel / For Men / English

What is this place about?

Aish Essentials is a short term program (2-4 weeks) for young men (ages 18-29) which gives you the opportunity to gain a strong understanding in the core concepts in Jewish thought and 

The Essentials classes that are known to be particularly inspiring include topics including "the why’s of Judaism", Chassidut and Mussar (Jewish Ethics) as well as personal development
lectures. The program offers tours around Jerusalem and excursions across Israel.

Is it for me?

Students attending Aish Essential are generally in their 20’s, smart but not nerdy, and educated, some coming from ivy league schools.

The young men in the program often come without prior Jewish education, but are sincere and motivated enough to learn and know more about Judaism. 

If you come with an open mind, you will be getting a lot out of this program. The atmosphere is warm, the environment is intellectually stimulating, and you’re constantly surrounded by smart and humble people. 

Aish is located in the center of the Old City of Jerusalem, giving you stunning views and unique shabbat experiences in families' welcoming homes.

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