Aish Hatora: Moreshet Noach

Jerusalem, Israel / For Men / English, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Russian

What is this place about?

Aish HaTorah’s Moreshet Noach program is a 1-year study and leadership program through Aish HaTorah Jerusalem.

The focus of the daily learning is on Chumash, Mishnayos, Gemara and Halacha. The pace will be quick, with an emphasis on understanding, reviewing, remembering everything learned, and its practical application. Tests will be given weekly on new material and periodically on review materials. Incentives will be given for good performance on tests.

Other classes include: Jewish leadership training (featuring lectures by noted Jewish activists and philanthropists), Jewish Philosophy, Public Speaking training, Jewish Dating and Marriage,
613 Mitzvot, and Jewish History. 

Aish HaTorah also offers programs in French, Spanish, and Russian.

Is it for me?

The program is tailored for highly motivated young professionals, from every background, from every profession, with little or no yeshiva education. This program is for young professionals,
with little or no yeshiva education, that can answer “yes” to some or all of the following

  • Do you value hard work, academically and otherwise (i.e. "No pain, no gain")? 
  • Are you a person who values self-improvement?
  • Do you have leadership qualities that you would like to develop?
  • In regard to dating and marriage, would you agree that "if you want to marry a princess, make yourself into a prince?"
  • Do you enjoy taking a break to rejuvenate after working hard?

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