Binyan Olam

Jerusalem, Israel / For Men / Spanish

What is this place about?

Binyan Olam is a Yeshiva catered to the latin american community, offering short-term and longterm

Short term program, “Highlights," is 3-week program which combines studies with adventure. You will learn and get to tour Israel enjoying fun activities.

The long-term program includes learning, tours, activities, Hebrew ulpan and university studies.

Classes include the following topics: Body and Soul, Jewish Mysticism, Prophecies and hidden codes in the Torah, The dimensions of time, Life after death, The Mysteries of the Hebrew Alphabet, Ethics and personal development, Science and religion, love and relationships.

Is it for me?

Binyan Olam is open to every kind of student with different levels of jewish knowledge (from no jewish background to religious background). The most important quality to have is to be eager to grow and learn. Students are mostly composed of young Latin American BT.

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