Dvar Yerushalayim

Jerusalem, Israel / For Men / English

What is this place about?

This program caters to all students, including total beginners with no prior Jewish education or Hebrew knowledge, nurturing and building the students' knowledge and spirit of Jewish life.  

There is also a part of the program dedicated to students who arrive with a high level of Jewish education seeking rabbinic ordination.

Additionally, classes are fully-accredited, with classes per term earning between 4 and 24 credits per class.

Is it for me?

The typical student is usually from outside of Israel, looking for a warm environment and a good Jewish education.

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W: www.dvar.org.il
Contact Yehonatan Knopp
T: 052-466-9921

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Alumni to contact

Jay Knopf jknopf@maximgrp.com
Yitzchok Grabel shoshanagrabel@gmail.com

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