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What is this place about?

Midreshet Eshel is a post high school seminary that provides young women with a comprehensive educational program with an emphasis on excellence in Jewish studies, Jewish values, and experiential learning. Being the first Sephardic seminary in Israel, there is an emphasis on Sephardic halacha, customs, and history. Teachers are Zionictic and the program offers a lot of outings and fun activities such as Yoga or Sefardi Cooking.

Is it for me?

The school is geared to post high school (age 18-19) anglo sephardic girls. Older girls might feel uncomfortable. Compare to other schools, Eshel is not as strict academically, however, the school makes sure the girls behave properly and modestly and is quite strict about it (a dressing code is required in the school).

All classes are in english but the school has been recently trying to add some classes in hebrew.

The school regularly organizes trips and fun activities.

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