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What is this place about?

La source is a french seminary offering 4 types of programs:
Two Year Seminary Course: (from September to July).

First year focuses on academic Torah study with a strong emphasis on personal development.

Second year focuses on further Torah study as well as a choice of academic studies in conjunction with local colleges. There are also mandatory Ulpan classes and a complete extracurricular enrichment program replete with tours, trips, hikes and activities.

Summer Camp called "Essentiel": Over the course of July and August girls who are not able to come for the whole year enjoy a packed summer experience in Israel.

Taste of Torah Israel Tours: Periodically, an Israel Tour is organized for French young academics, which combined with a crash course in Torah forms an intense and meaningful
Jewish experience. These fun getaways are popular for those seeking a two week break with significance.

Is it for me?

Most girls are post high-school age but there are always a few girls in their late-20s, early 30’s.

First Year Seminary Course: For motivated young French girls from religious background, who, after their baccalauréat (baccalaureate) wishing to discover Israel and deepen their
knowledge of the Torah and its practices. La Source offers a year of intensive study. The school also accepts some Baal Teshuva under very strict conditions.

Second Year Seminary Course: Second year is for girls graduating from 1st year wishing to
settle and make their studies in Israel while continuing to receive high level Torah lessons.

Summer camps and students trips: Girls from religious and non-religious background wishing to deepen their knowledge in Judaism and discover Israel.

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