Machon Orah

Jerusalem, Israel / For Women / Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French

What is this place about?

Machon Orah, the sister school to Machon Meir, offers a curriculum of Jewish and Israeli studies over a period of about 10 months, coupled with Hebrew language Ulpan and socio-cultural activities, with an aim of a better understanding of Israeli society and therefore better integration. There are also short-term and part-time programs available.

There are programs here for Hebrew, French, Russian, and Spanish-speakers.

Is it for me?

Many of the students who come to learn at Machon Meir are either new immigrants in Israel, have recently completed their service in the IDF, or have completed their university/graduate school education and are taking some time for personal growth through Judaism before entering the work force. However, there are also quite a few students who are taking breaks from their jobs, and the program has no age limit.

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