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What is this place about?

If I could sum up Machon Shlomo in one word it would be balance. The mission of the yeshiva is to create well-balanced, fully-integrated individuals with a drive towards excellence in relationships, careers and communities. While learning classic Jewish sources is foundation for this development, the out-of-the-classroom interactions with the students, rabbis, and families in the community truly facilitate our growth, both internally and externally. Since there are only about 30 students at Machon Shlomo, we share a close and unique bond where each student encourages and motivates the others by example to discover who they are and to actualize their potential. Furthermore, our small size enables the students to receive guidance on an individual basis from the rabbis to help them express their unique strengths and develop their personal expression of Torah.

Is it for me?

Most of the students who come to Machon Shlomo are in the their twenties, coming from top universities and graduate schools or having worked a few years in their fields, and end up returning home after 1 or 2 years to continue in their career paths. The ideal candidate for applying to Machon Shlomo is someone who is committed to truth, passionate about life, hard-working, disciplined, personal growth-oriented, and is willing to challenge himself to grow beyond his limitations.

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