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What is this place about?

Mayanot provides a highly academic Judaic Studies curriculum in a welcoming atmosphere on an annual or semester, basis, with winter, summer and post Taglit-Birthright Israel study programs for young men, ages 20+. 

There are two levels of very academic classes (Yeshiva 1 and Yeshiva 2). Yeshiva classes are text based and give the student the opportunity to develop their learning skills. Classes in the Yeshiva 1 and Yeshiva 2 tracks are two hours long, and comprise of learning with a study partner, and a follow-up class. In the different classes offered, students have a chance to work on many diverse texts and truly challenge themselves.

Mayanot offers excursions across Israel over the course of the program.

Is it for me?

The young men come from all over the world, and from all different backgrounds. Some classes require basic Jewish knowledge and Hebrew skills. The school is strict on attendance and and is geared to young men who are looking forward to serious learning.

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Schneur Weinberg
C: +972 54 3606 827
W: 212-980-3414 X 508

Program Contact Information:
Rivka Preisler
M:1 212 980 3414 ext 503

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