Neve Yerushalayim

Jerusalem, Israel / For Women / English

What is this place about?

NEVE YERUSHLAYIM is a program dedicated to Jewish young women (age 19 and up) coming from all different backgrounds who are motivated to learn Judaism and are inspired to grow.

The school offers different kind of programs, from short-term to yearly programs.

There are many different levels, not only based on technical skills, but also on learning styles. For example, there are levels that are more text-based, requiring a certain level of hebrew skill. A different level, on the other hand, features deep classes on Jewish philosophy and mysticism.

Teachers take time out of their everyday schedule to make appointments with students to go through any questions, concerns, for introduction purposes, and to even personalize your schedule based on your needs. The school is extremely accommodating and welcoming. 

The classes are inspiring and intimate: we are encouraged to ask questions and to question everything. Because the instructors are all well-learned and the students diverse, the classes are exciting and challenging, to thought-provoking and inspiring.

You also have access to tutors who we are able to meet for individual sessions.

Madrichot (student advisors) are active in students’ experience at Neve. You turn to them when you look for help or need advice. In addition, you have what is called “house mothers” who are there for us turn to for understanding, comfort, and inner wisdom.

Neve is a place full of acceptance, everyone is extremely open and honest. The young women there are loving, caring and compassionate.

Is it for me?

NEVE has an interesting mix of young women from all backgrounds, including those with no prior Jewish education and others who grew up totally observant, and everything in between.

The young women at Neve hang out together and interact with each other, creating a sense of family and community. All activities are done in groups, (candle lighting, tefilot, trips, and shabbat experience), and students also enjoy free time in the center of town.

Young women attending Neve acquire Jewish knowledge and end up living a real Jewish life during the course of the program.

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