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What is this place about?

Nishmat is a seminary composed of 2 different types of learning programs:

Nishmat's Shana Ba'Aretz is a unique program for post high school students who are looking for a challenging year of Torah study in a completely Israeli environment. 

Nishmat's Alisa Flatow International program offers a unique opportunity for Englishspeaking women of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities to study Jewish texts in a warm and intellectually stimulating environment. 

With its well-deserved reputation for intensive text-based Torah study, Nishmat will give you the opportunity to spend a year in a beautiful Bet Midrash, studying in chevruta, side-by-side with Nishmat's advanced scholars. Nishmat’s hands-on approach to Torah study teaches women skills to understand and analyze classic texts, and to reflect on how they inform modern Jewish thought and practice. Nishmat offers beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes, allowing each student to grow in their Torah learning.

Is it for me?

The program is open to English-speaking women of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Classes are primarily text-based, so knowledge of basic Hebrew reading is helpful. Nishmat has tutors available to help with reading and translations, and teachers provide word lists when necessary. Students are bright, motivated, with a desire to learn Torah from the sources. 

Nishmat is unique in that there is no "typical" student. They have students from all over the world who range in age, from current college students to retirees. What they share is a desire to study Torah and a spirit of open inquiry. This diverse student body provides a richness to our program, as women from all backgrounds, (from recent converts to women who have a strong learning background) learn together and build a warm, caring community.

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