Ohr Sameach (Center Program)

Jerusalem, Israel / For Men / English

What is this place about?

The Center Program at Ohr Sameach is a one year program with the focus to helps students become independent and self-sufficient in understanding jewish texts, especially the talmud. The idea is that you can continue to learn and grow on your own when you decide to go back to your professional life. The Center is a learning program specifically designed for the academically-talented student. It is structured for one who is seeking a deeper understanding of Judaism and who is committed and determined to grow.

The program has its own convenient facilities, its own unique curriculum, its own special staff providing instruction and guidance to small classes so that individual attention can be provided for each student. The residence facilities have been arranged to provide a comfortable feeling of exclusiveness which allow for the expression of individuality and creativity.

Is it for me?

The program is geared to post-graduate or working professionals who have been growing in their Jewish observance and Jewish philosophical viewpoint, and lead a torah way of life.

Get in touch

W: www.ohr.edu

Alumni to contact

Gavin: gwshields@gmail.com

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