Shaarei Bina

Jerusalem, Israel / For Women / Spanish, Portuguese

What is this place about?

Shaarei Bina is a seminary offering different types of programs depending on what you're looking for:

Vacation is perfect for those who desire to travel all over Israel and have the opportunity to have an experience in a Jewish Learning environment.
Mid-July until Mid-August 
Mid-December until Mid-January

Internship is a paid internship program in the field of study or graduation of the participant. During the program, the participants also have the opportunity to travel through Israel and to have classes about judaism.
July – December
January – June

Shnat is a 10-month program that provides to the participants the possibility to travel all over Israel, participate in professional courses, take a cruise to Greece, participate in a Seminary in
Poland and Czech Republic, and much more.
February – December

Shnat Advance is dedicated to those who made or are making Aliyah and desire to adapt to Israeli society. Helps the participants to start their studies at an Ulpan, University, validate their diploma and get into the labor market.
February – December

Shaarei Bina Independence is a program dedicated to girls who are already living and working in Israel, and want to stay in a friendly environment of a school.

Is it for me?

Shaarei Bina is a seminary oriented to latin-american girls, between the ages of 18 and 30. Most of the participants come from Brazil, but the school also accepts girls from Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina.

No prior knowledge is required to get in the school, and since there are different programs being developed at the school, all kinds of girls with different personalities and backgrounds are
welcome at Shaarei Bina.

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Contact Deborah Cohen or Marina Triginelli
T: +972 2 571 2075 

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