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Jerusalem, Israel / For Men / English

What is this place about?

The Shapell's program, the brother school to Midrechet Rachel V’Chaay, is a growth-oriented environment without putting pressure on someone to become somebody else. One of the great things about MRC is that it doesn’t represent a single jewish ideology, with teachers from across the spectrum- Dati Leumi (Zionist religious), Chassidish, Hareidi, Hardal... you name it! This provides an amazing opportunity to personally formulate opinions based on a wide variety of sources, styles, interpretations, and information. It is a program providing a holistic Torah education, aimed at meeting the challenges of modern Jewish life.

Is it for me?

MRC attracts the type of guy that wants to think for himself and is comfortable making his own choices without having a lot of structure. 

Guys are self-motivated, intellectual, and text-oriented. There's not a lot of fluff at Shapell's, but inspiration is found by going deep into the texts.

Everyone comes from a variety of backgrounds - some growing up with no Judaism in their life to girls coming from more traditional families.

Apartments are located away from the school, which gives a great sense of independence. Guys have the freedom to do as we please for the most part, and will get as much out of the whole experience as they put in. 

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