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What is this place about?

She'arim is a 9 month, full-time program. Classes include a variety of topics ranging the spectrum of Jewish study, including Jewish calendar and holidays, the weekly Torah portion, Jewish morals and ethics, Jewish views and values regarding interpersonal relationships, Jewish Law, Women in Tanach, Jewish Prayer, etc.

The mornings consist of combined chevruta learning (reading and translating Hebrew textual sources with a study partner (and tutor, if needed depending on your level), and classes on the sources being read. The afternoons are lecture-style classes, given in English, with Hebrew textual source sheets provided in class.

Is it for me?

She'arim is a seminary for post-college young women who are open-minded and serious students that have already decided they are interested in growing and learning Jewishly, and are ready to commit the time and effort to do so.

There are typically about 20-30 women in the program at any given time, who, through the warm, nurturing, growth-oriented environment form close friendships and bonds.

Studies at She'arim gives a foundation in Jewish textual sources, the comfort and foundation to learn on your own, and confidence to make spiritual and intellectual decisions with conviction.

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