Toldot Yeshurun

Jerusalem, Israel / For Men / Hebrew, Russian

What is this place about?

Toldot yeshurun is a yeshiva which offers 3 difference programs:

2-8 Weeks, Introductory Program: Includes group & individual lessons on the basics of Judaism, a private tour of the old city and family (English, Hebrew, &/or Russian-speaking) Shabbat.

3-6 Months, Basic Program: Includes courses in the framework of a training program on the fundamentals of Jewish life and tradition, familiarization with learning Talmud and Hebrew. This program also includes tours and excursions all over Israel, as well as help in finding a Jewish soul mate.

1-2 Years, Full Learning Program: This course will help individuals build their foundation for living a full and meaningful Jewish life, helping students feel comfortable to join a Jewish community in Israel, and to prepare students for one of the best yeshivas in the country for those who wish to continue their

Arrival: flexible, initially. In the beginning of every term (ie after Passover, Elul semester, after Sukkot. 2-4 weeks may also be at the end of the semester.)

Is it for me?

This yeshiva is open to all different levels. The bulk of the program is catered to students with no prior knowledge. The most advanced level of the yeshiva learns exclusively in Hebrew (similar to the third year of study at Israeli Yeshiva Gdolah.

Beginner students should have a desire to observe Jewish Law in full. Students should have the ability and desire to learn full-time (all day). Generally, the student body is comprised of young
Russian men 18-28 years old, with exceptions made on an individual basis.

Students must be Jewish according to Jewish Law (Halachically Jewish) by birth or Orthodox conversion, and be in good mental health.

A typical student is a young baal tschuva, with a minimum of a high school diploma (although many students have graduate degrees), who wants to immerse himself in Jewish life and
master the skills of independent learning.

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